Printed Page Society is a flexible and interwoven network centered around the book as content vessel. Conceived either as commercial product, art form or object. Envisioned as a member-accessible database, PPS aims to become a beacon in the printed page world, providing members with information and geared to become a platform for direct trade distribution. With projected participation to all major publishing fairs, we hope to foster the sense of community around the printed page.

By bookshop, we mean any retail location. Big or small, fixed or pop-up, physical or on-line. By optimizing communication between retail and publisher we enable direct-trade distribution. It doesn’t matter whether you’re a dedicated bookshop, or you want to offer a selection of books to your customers. We welcome all.

By publishers we mean anyone who produces the books. In the world of modern publishers, size doesn’t matter. In fact, the best books often come from talented individuals, who only have one or two books in their catalog.

In a world evermore dominated by virtual communication, book fairs are the essential outlet and meeting point for publishers and book retailers to meet in person, and a way for everyone to keep up with the zeitgeist.

Please get in touch to have your bookfair listed.